Why money is just a small part of the finance?

Why money is just a small part of the finance?

In October 1997, I knew that an overlooked and misunderstood financial instrument (zero interest coupon bonds) would open a whole new world of finance for businesses.

So began a three-year odyssey around the financial houses of the world looking for the capital to back my idea. The idea was too new, and most people couldn’t or wouldn’t grasp it.

Though history records that the outcome was a success, and is why IA is here today, it is the lessons and advice I received along the way that were critical.

Although I had the capital to start the business myself, I was ambitious and wanted to leverage my skills. To help more businesses than I could otherwise. Hence the capital raising exercise.

So, if no one was prepared to invest what was I missing?

Gearing for Growth

It was the advice and mentorship from wise heads about how to better successfully approach the investment markets that lead to the breakthrough. How to warp up my business proposition in ways they could understand, and that would interest them. Then the money was forthcoming.

Borrowing capital is one thing; but what are you leveraging? In the end, it is the business, its ideas and people. Money just helps you increase their impact.

IA is a specialist finance company that has helped small and medium-sized businesses for the past nineteen years. We invest our time and expertise to understand the business and people that sit behind the numbers. So that we can help you access capital to leverage your business and achieve your goals faster.

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