What Goldilocks can teach you about timing in making money

What Goldilocks can teach you about timing in making money

“Not too hot, not too cold, just right,” said Goldilocks about a newly found lunch at the cottage of the Three Bears.

Yet that balance is the perfect indicator as to when a good business should make money.

At the same time as its counterparties. Whether they are clients or partners.

Making money with people. Not at the expense of one party or the other.

If your stakeholders are making money at the same time as you then all parties are happy. Committed to the success of each other. Relationships last.

Win-win in finance broking

Finance broking is a classic example of this principle and it holds true for any advisory service.

HOT: if a broker gets fully rewarded upfront, before the finance company, then there is the risk that they are not committed to the success of the financial arrangement. That they are just taking their money and walking off. They have done their work but there is no alignment. Imbalance.

 COLD: if they get paid at the end of the term, then they need a substantial return to justify the risk they are carrying. A premium they will pass onto the end client. Again, imbalance in market pricing.

JUST RIGHT: if they both make money at the same time, then both parties are committed to the success of the arrangement. To make it work. Balance.

The International Acceptance Group works with its clients, so that both of us make money at the same time. So that the financial arrangement works for all three parties (borrower, broker and finance company). We are committed to your success.

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