The IA Group – where it sits

The IA Group – where it sits

IA Group has been providing finance to private individuals and small to medium-sized Australian businesses for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we have held true to three key principles:

1. Business is about relationships

We lend to people and the business case that they bring to the table. After all, it is the people who will make business happen. That’s who we care about.

2. Win-Win

We make sure the finance arrangement is in the best interest of all parties. Its why we have such long-term relationships with our clients.

3. Trust

Success in business is based on trust. Partners doing what they say they will and helping each other out. We keep our promise and work with our clients to help them succeed.

Flexible and open-minded

It means we have the flexibility to consider and finance assets that do not always fit into the rigid tick boxes of the banks and other lenders.

Rather we have a “rate for risk approach”. We align the finance product to the increased earnings specific to the asset and business.

We are asset agnostic and have financed vehicles from classic cars through to prime movers. From industrial plant and equipment through to material handling and access equipment.

The IA Group

  • Thinks outside the square and work with referrers to get deals placed.
  • Provides asset and business finance up to $250,000 per business or client.
  • Is asset agnostic and are happy to consider any serialised asset that has a unit identifier
  • Sit in the market below the Tier 1 banks and above the high-risk high rates of many online lenders.
  • Has competitive interest rates starting from 4.98%
  • Lends to strong credit heads
  • Provides a fast and specific service. If the deal can be done we will do it. If not we will tell you why and what the business needs to do about it.

To find out how we can work together, please feel free to call us on 1300 729 995 or visit