Strategically, the efficient use of capital is key to unlocking shareholder returns. Often businesses that are performing soundly have difficulty securing growth capital from trading banks as they are sub scale when seeking institutional bank support. Capital structure can become a drag on the business.

IA has a track record in delivering balanced solutions. We have structures in place with platforms from $10 million to $150 million supporting qualified applicants. We are focused on the concept of participation so to align corporate outcomes. Our value proposition is simple, we identify risk based exposure that is sufficiently diverse to allow scalable support. Our solutions focus on the velocity of capital in the corporate. Outcomes fuel growth, while maintaining a conservative and scalable credit profile.

IA has experience in a diverse range of industries including; agriculture, energy, lending, technology, transport, retirement and health services. Our team culture promotes engagement and continual refinement to deliver optimal solutions to our customers.

Irrespective of where our customers business are at on their journey, we encourage engagement so we can exercise best practice in preparation or structuring that helps their business exceed its targets.

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