Safeguards in a slowing economy

Safeguards in a slowing economy

Business leaders are custodians of shareholder wealth. It is their job to build and safeguard that wealth.

That means not just managing today but looking forward: identifying opportunities and threats.

It’s about making and enacting plans that leverage opportunities and minimise threats.

In a slowing economy, prudent leaders are paying especial attention to potholes, danger points and security.

The best security – your customers

First and foremost, look to your customers. They are coming to you for help, support, guidance; and paying you for that. You are partners in each other’s businesses. Your success is mutually entwined.

  • How much do you know about them, and what they want?
  • Are there any gaps in your service delivery?
  • What additional value can you offer, that will further strengthen the relationship?
  • Where else can you help them? What additional services can you offer?

In business, you can never go wrong focussing on your customers. They are the ones you serve; buying your services — the ones who pay you.

The old truism comes to mind:  Take care of your customers, and they will take care of your business.

Just one pearl of wisdom gained from 19 years’ experience as a finance partner to growing businesses:

Be open-minded. A business relationship is never linear. There is always more to learn about your customers; always more value you can offer.

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