Return to sender – or the right finance? You choose.

Return to sender – or the right finance? You choose.

The rate of innovation and change – in all facets of life – is getting faster. Old business “truths” are proving unstable. Newer, once heretical, trends are emerging

  • Negative interest rates
  • Stagnant wage growth
  • A desperate level of central bank funded liquidity

Efficiency and technology are the new game. Chat bots pop up on websites trying to guide purchase decisions. Personal or impersonal, human or robot, you decide?  Much of retail is dominated by businesses chasing headline revenues. Service is an expense and wrong purchase decisions and returns are just a part of the process.

Service is dissolving.

Yet people are people and we still love to be treated as an individual. Looked after, assisted to find exactly the right product for us. Anyone who has experienced the pleasure of bespoke tailoring will understand. If you haven’t, you must.

And with finance you can’t send it back

When you raise capital, it is very hard to send it back if you get it wrong. The money has been deployed. Contractual agreements made.

Even if, by some small chance you can, you will burn reputational goodwill and incur financial penalties. The cost can be high.

That’s why it is so important to make the right decisions at the beginning. Which can only happen if your financier takes the time to properly understand you & your business. Why you want the money, your budgeting, your assumptions, identifying discussing and mitigating risks.

Only then can both parties arrive at the best decision for you.

Tailored finance for your business

At IA Group we create tailored financial solutions to help your business. We invest time to understand you, your business and make sure the finance is the best fit for the opportunity.  Just like a bespoke tailor, it ensures alignment. Because just like a bespoke tailor we look to build long term relationships. Taking great care of you today means you are more likely to come back tomorrow.

The International Acceptance Group has been working with business owners for the past 19 years, to develop the perfect financial fit for their business. Ensuring their success.

To find out how we can help you call 1300 729 955 or visit

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