Reflecting on the “Why”

Reflecting on the “Why”

As the saying goes; business owners and leaders must take time to work on our businesses as well as in them.

But that misses the deeper point.

“Do you question what you are doing?” and “Why are you doing it?” Why is not just an important question in business. It is an important question in life.

As Abraham Maslow points out, self-actualisation is our highest need. We all want to be relevant, to contribute, to achieve. Belief in our “Why” helps clear this need.

Our Three Fundamentals

At IA we regularly address this question through the business process: Three-year strategic plans, annual budgets and periodic board meetings. We do it for our own business and at times help our clients do it for their business.

In many ways our answer to the “Why” arises from three fundamentals:

Larger than Lending:

Money is just money, a commodity with a price.  But choose the right finance company and you could have a funder working with you. Sharing the same common goal: your success. An alignment of interests; two parties working in the same direction.

Geared for Growth:

The purpose of borrowing money is to leverage your expertise; to maximise the opportunity. Money is the lever. Your success lies with your expertise. That is the enabler. Focus on that, as IA does.

Specialising in Service:

Customer service is fundamental. Understanding your business model, your constraints, your opportunity, your “Why” is pivotal to the success of the geared proposition.  There are no sales returns in finance.  It’s why the imperative is to get your choice of funder right.

Success is not a ninja hack. It can take ten years (or more) to become an overnight success. Working with business owners over the past 20 years though, we have found that sticking to fundamentals is an important element of success.

So, if you want a business partner that is invested in helping you make good decisions, and is aligned with your success, get in touch.

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