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Why the finance you want is not always the finance you need….. A farm equipment dealer from Victoria approached The International Acceptance Group for retail floor planning (or inventory finance). He wanted to bring in lower priced stock from China but at $30,000 per unit he needed finance. Retail floor planning is a complex and very effective form of finance for vehicle dealerships. However, it can be expensive, especially if your stock is just sitting
In the great Liquidity Flood, post the GFC, central banks were printing money, buying corporate bonds and in some cases offering negative interest rates. Money was cheap, plentiful and finance companies were popping up like mushrooms after a thunderstorm. On top of that the disruption of technology saw many Fintechs start up in a warm afterglow of media adulation. Yet. Now that credit markets are tightening and we are in a credit crunch. Now that
We’re open for business Ready to lend money to businesses the banks won’t. One predictable side-effect of the Hayne Royal Commission has been a credit crunch as much tighter lending restrictions come into play. Not only are the banks wanting to over-scrutinise every income & expense line, they are taking a long time to decide if they will lend money, and their default position is often, no they won’t. Quite simply they don’t have the

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