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September 10, 2020

‘Grow Your Fees’ Webinar

‘Grow Your Fees’ Webinar Missed the webinar? Access the full recoded version here. Webinar Resources 1. Don & Chris “Centre Stage’ positioning map Click here to download the map. 2. IA’s exclusive “Client Problem Audit‘ checklist Click here to download the map. 3. Complimentary “Client Review Call’ 15 minutes on the phone with Mike Cunningham unpacking your client’s business problems.  And if relevant, a discussion about how money can leverage opportunity. Or fix short term

July 20, 2020

Prices can rise

Prices can rise “When the tide goes out, we all see who is swimming naked”, a simple analogy from Warren Buffet. One with profound insight. A robust business model will survive market conditions and even flourish. In finance, this applies to lenders and borrowers. Pre-Covid the market was awash with cheap money as a plethora of lenders competed on asset risk. In their haste to lend they often ignored the business structure of the borrowers.
It will get worse, but it will get better “Be careful whom you borrow from” a Finance 101 cliché. Yet like most clichés, it is grounded in a truth. Convinced that the business environment will get worse, a client got in touch with IA. Its entire debt structure had started to constrict their business. It wanted to borrow money to fund any liquidity gaps that might arise but was trapped. Beware the cheap and easy.
We have been quiet and busy looking after our clients. As with many businesses, the past weeks and months of disruption have given us time to reflect. To review our business principles, our business model and consider the market. And for IA, nothing changes. If you join the dots between our blogs of the past 18 months, you can tell that IA has been preparing itself and our clients for an economic contraction. The only
Bridging the funding gap of the Job Keeper Program The Job Keeper Program has been a circuit breaker for many business owners in Australia. Little wonder that over 850,000 businesses have registered for it. Yet to date only 275,000 have lodged their application. They all want the money, want to keep their staff employed, but they have a major problem. Business owners have to fund the four to five-week gap between paying their staff and