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Getting the car keys - car loan finance

November 24, 2020

Where others cannot go

Finance broker case study “Rob needed a new car for work and had his heart set on a 2009 Holden HSV. The ute was going to cost $43,000 and he has saved enough for a 10% deposit. However, when you are on wages, with children and a mortgage, finance becomes a critical factor. Not just the interest rate but also the term of the loan. On a tight budget, there is a world of difference
Finance broker case study “Dave Furner called me up on Tuesday the 23rd June at 3.45 pm. ‘Pete I’m going to buy two tanker trailers. One older, one newish. And I want the paperwork done by Friday. So that the purchases go through this financial year. I’ll send through the details.‘ It’s typical of clients at that time of year. A session with the accountants and they want to go shopping, big. Expecting the money
The IA Group – where it sits IA Group has been providing finance to private individuals and small to medium-sized Australian businesses for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we have held true to three key principles: 1. Business is about relationships We lend to people and the business case that they bring to the table. After all, it is the people who will make business happen. That’s who we care about. 2. Win-Win We

September 10, 2020

‘Grow Your Fees’ Webinar

‘Grow Your Fees’ Webinar Missed the webinar? Access the full recoded version here. Webinar Resources 1. Don & Chris “Centre Stage’ positioning map Click here to download the map. 2. IA’s exclusive “Client Problem Audit‘ checklist Click here to download the map. 3. Complimentary “Client Review Call’ 15 minutes on the phone with Mike Cunningham unpacking your client’s business problems.  And if relevant, a discussion about how money can leverage opportunity. Or fix short term

July 20, 2020

Prices can rise

Prices can rise “When the tide goes out, we all see who is swimming naked”, a simple analogy from Warren Buffet. One with profound insight. A robust business model will survive market conditions and even flourish. In finance, this applies to lenders and borrowers. Pre-Covid the market was awash with cheap money as a plethora of lenders competed on asset risk. In their haste to lend they often ignored the business structure of the borrowers.