‘Grow Your Fees’ Webinar

‘Grow Your Fees’ Webinar

Missed the webinar? Access the full recoded version here.

Webinar Resources

1. Don & Chris “Centre Stage’ positioning map

Click here to download the map.

2. IA’s exclusive “Client Problem Audit‘ checklist

Click here to download the map.

3. Complimentary “Client Review Call’

15 minutes on the phone with Mike Cunningham unpacking your client’s business problems.  And if relevant, a discussion about how money can leverage opportunity. Or fix short term challenges.

To get in touch, call 1300 729 955 or email [email protected].

Your Presenters

Don Green & Chris Gibbs – ICGTAX Global


Mike Cunningham – The International Acceptance Group


Matthew Denehy – Oracle Group Australia


Alex Meijnen – delivering Results