Frustrated – we can help

Frustrated – we can help

As a business owner you are doing everything right

✔Recognised expertise in your field

✔Run a sleek efficient business

✔ Have a highly motivated team


✔ Creating opportunity

And then you hit a brick wall. A major opportunity arises. One that would transform your business. And the banks say no.

Davis & Fred* are engineering contractors to major energy companies including AGL, Red Energy, and Momentum Energy. They had an opportunity that would elevate their business onto the national stage.

It just required funds. Money that they could service out of their existing cash-flow but still a large amount.

In a world of easy liquidity, finance can be hard to get

Tier One banks overlook smaller businesses.  Regulatory overheads mean they lack the ability to invest the time: to understand the business, its owners and the opportunity. Door slammed shut.

Davis & Fred then approached the tertiary markets. However, the fintechs and tertiary markets are at the other extreme. They conduct a limited amount of due diligence and then happily lend. At inefficient interest rates that were untenable for Davis & Fred.

So, the business toiled away to see who else could help.


A strategic advisor to their board was aware of IA’s capabilities and ethos and recommended that both parties explore a solution.

By aligning the business’s interests with those of the capital provider** they were able to secure sustainable funding. They are now well down the path escalating their business, achieving their goals.

So, if you want a finance partner that is invested in understanding you & your business; in structuring the right solution. One that is aligned with your success, get in touch.

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*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

** Footnote

Occasionally IA is invited to take a financial interest in their clients. In the case of this electrical contractor they took a minority shareholding in the company with future options. After all, there is no better alignment and trust than equity.