Finance Lease

With a Finance Lease, we advance funds to purchase an asset and we own that asset. However, you the lessee, accept the risk of disposal (of the asset) at the end of lease.

This type of lease can have certain tax benefits for the lessee and can allow businesses to get the latest equipment or vehicle without tying up large amounts of capital. You can choose lease payments with terms up to 60 months and they will all have an agreed residual value at term (this is required in line with the asset’s use and the ATO’s set guidelines).

Supply Chain Finance

This is similar to Invoice Discounting with the exception that the debtor arranges the financing not the supplier/ creditor.

Debtors use this to manage their cash flows by extending creditor payment days while arranging for finance companies to bridge the extended days, paying the suppliers. Debtors using this facility are usually large companies with many and varied suppliers.

Operating Lease/Rental

An Operating Lease can often be used to fund a number of different assets

Typically where the lease term itself is short compared to the useful life of the piece of equipment (ie, the asset usage life might be 35 years and you have an agreement to lease/rent the asset from us for a minimum of 60 months). We advance funds to purchase an asset and we own that asset; however, you lease/rent the asset for a minimum period of time, typically up to 60 months.

Professional Fee Funding

Can give your professional practice the funding it needs.

We settle the full invoice value upfront to the firm and clients repay us in monthly instalments over an agreed term. Debtor management means improved cashflow and capital efficiency.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is a financial instrument where we advance funds for you to purchase an asset, and you take ownership of the asset (“chattel”) at the time of purchase.

We then take a charge (“mortgage”) over the asset as security for the loan. You can tailor your loan payments that can include deposits, large final repayments over a variety of terms (typically between 12 and up to 60 months but up to 84 months for Green Energy products). The flexibility of this product allows you to structure payments to assist your cash flow.


We can help you with your insurance premiums.

Our options allow you to spread the cost of annual insurance premiums over 6 to 12 months

Invoice Discounting

This is an alternative solution to traditional types of business finance, and although it may sound complex, it is very straightforward to understand.

A business issues invoices, and these are assets of that business (assets can be bought and sold). The process of unlocking cash flow against unpaid invoices is known as invoice financing, invoice discounting, or factoring. Invoice Discounting is the sale of these assets (the unpaid invoice(s)) at a discounted amount in order to advance cash flow to a business.

SMSF Property Loan

Used by a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to buy investment property.

The returns on the investment – whether that’s rental income or capital gains – are funnelled back into the super fund, increasing your retirement savings.

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